My name is Lesley Irwing and I have kept horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, goldfish, tropical fish and mice for more years than I care to mention and have a great love for all animals.  I currently have 2 horses, 3 cats and a dog (and 5 Bengal kittens of course). Cats have always been a part of my life, even when I was very small, as my parents and relatives all owned cats.  I also run a small animal boarding business called Bunny Manor Hotel (see


I did breed Birmin cats a number of years ago and decided to start breeding again when I fell in love with the Bengal.  They are very beautiful, intelligent, friendly and playful with lots of energy.  Our breeding queen is not frightened of anything, loves water (particularly a running tap) and greatly enjoys teasing the dog.


Breeding is only planned on a small scale so that all the kittens can be well socialised before going to their new homes.  All the cats and kittens live in the house.  They are attended constantly and fed with the best possible diet.


Bengals give their owners many years of affection, companionship and enjoyment.  I therefore seek only the most loving homes for my kittens where they will be appreciated and given every possible care.